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What Do You Count As Alive?…… October 28, 2009

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Blood rushing through veins, a heart beat, eating, ageing, changing, growing, breathing? Is this what you count as alive? It’s what I count as alive. Is the sap of trees not flowing though them like blood? Is the crash of waves not the heart beat of the ocean? Is the sun not food for flower’s leaves to soak up? Does grass not grow old get brown and die? Do flowers not grow new blooms? Do They not grow from seeds? Do they not breath and put out the oxygen we need to live? Tell me now is the earth not alive? Is lava not the earths blood? Are earth quakes not the earth changing, lava cooling and hardening into new land making the earth grow and change? Thats how I like to think about the world we live in, and yes I am a tree huger.

Blessed Be, Hazel HW.


In The Mornings…

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When you wake up have you ever thought, whats the point of me getting up, why do I have to? Have you ever stayed home from work or school for that same reason? Or because you stayed up to late and you need/want to sleep away the day? And did you ever start feeling bad about your decision and think of what you had to do today and how you shouldn’t miss it? I’ve done it. I felt bad. Most of the time I would tell you to think it though first. Have you missed lately? Do you have a pretty easy day? Are you going to miss something important? Are you lieing to your self  about why your staying home or to your parents? If any of your answers are yes to theses questions then think how you’ll feel if you don’t get up. If any of your answers are yes and you will feel guilty staying home I think you should suck up all the energy you have and face the day with a smile. Get up, get dressed, get ready, and get to work or school. If you answered ALL the questions no then maybe you do deserve a day off. Relax, sleep, watch tv, surf the net, but remember the next day you’ll have to work hard to catch up on what you missed the day you stayed home. But the most important thing to remember is to be truthful to yourself. This blog is probably really silly but when I woke up this morning I had to go though this train of thought, so I thought maybe this would help some people decide is staying home is worth it.


Blessed Be, Hazel HW.


Have You Ever…

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Have you ever… stopped and relaxed all the muscles in your body and took a min. to relax, watched the stars and thought of how tiny you really were, stopped to help someone just because thats whats right, thought about how your mind works and how you think differently than others, made lists of random things, stopped in a store and put back an idem you just wanted and didnt need, help pay for a person’s food,  stoped gossiping about something that could hurt someones feelings or stir up trouble, stood up for a disliked person, made tea for a sick person, danced on the beach at night, twirled through wind blowing leaves down, turned off an electronic to go outside,  stoped a second to look into a childs eye and see all the pure love and trust there, gave up something you loved to do something for someone els, held someone when they were upset, stood between two people angry at each other unmoving and just said stop, had a persons back who never asked for help, thought before you spoke, stayed quiet untill you fully understood the consequences of what you were going to say or do, ever thought that every little thing you do affects people you don’t even know, stopped, thought, felt real pure feeling, smiled even when you wanted to cry or scream, lived life second by second?  Think about these things. Think about your choices. Just think. Be the best person you can be.

Blessed Be, Hazel HW.


Hello world! October 25, 2009

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This is me: My favorite season is Fall, in October when my birthday is. My favorite holiday is Halloween or Samhain, also in October and on the thirty-first, the first day of winter. I always wear boot-cut jeans and flats. I always have to have my nails polished. My favorite colors are green and brown. I’m an earthy girl. My hair always has to be long, in the summer I always get it cut for Locks of Love, one hole foot/12 inches. I love the wind blowing though my hair. My hair is blonde, sometimes white blonde but it depends on how much I’ve been out in the sun. I have frekles. I’m Greek. I’m pail. Nong nails. Never take an orange ribbon off my rist, 2 years and still going. I’m a libra, balance and all that.I’m a regular girl going thought life and all of it’s changes. I do the best I can and try to be a good person. I don’t have all the wisdom in the world and nor do I act or say that I do. This blog is just going to be about what I feel, and what I go though that might help someone. I’m just one person with one opinion, it’s you’re choice how you want to define what I write. It is your choice to learn from my writing or for you to roll your eyes and exit out. I am just putting my feelings, thoughts, information, or whatever els you want to call it out there. Take from it what you wish. (TO be Edited)