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Have You Ever… October 28, 2009

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Have you ever… stopped and relaxed all the muscles in your body and took a min. to relax, watched the stars and thought of how tiny you really were, stopped to help someone just because thats whats right, thought about how your mind works and how you think differently than others, made lists of random things, stopped in a store and put back an idem you just wanted and didnt need, help pay for a person’s food,  stoped gossiping about something that could hurt someones feelings or stir up trouble, stood up for a disliked person, made tea for a sick person, danced on the beach at night, twirled through wind blowing leaves down, turned off an electronic to go outside,  stoped a second to look into a childs eye and see all the pure love and trust there, gave up something you loved to do something for someone els, held someone when they were upset, stood between two people angry at each other unmoving and just said stop, had a persons back who never asked for help, thought before you spoke, stayed quiet untill you fully understood the consequences of what you were going to say or do, ever thought that every little thing you do affects people you don’t even know, stopped, thought, felt real pure feeling, smiled even when you wanted to cry or scream, lived life second by second?  Think about these things. Think about your choices. Just think. Be the best person you can be.

Blessed Be, Hazel HW.


One Response to “Have You Ever…”

  1. DragonSword21 Says:

    Done all of the above except for dance on the beach at night. I’ve danced on the beach during the day though.

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