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Laugh…… November 17, 2009

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Times of true laughter are hard to find so when your in one take your time and enjoy it. Forget about all the things you need to do and how the rest of your day is going to be. Just live in the moment, smile big, laugh hard, and enjoy the gift of happyness. You never know when it’ll happen again.

Blessed Be, Hazel HW.


Trust…. November 15, 2009

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Is it hard for you to trust someone? Or for you to put your truest and deepest feelings out there for people to see? Because thats how I am. And this blog is me letting them out. Trusting people is hard because you can never really know whats going on in someones head. They could be saying something and thinking something els, right? Well, all you need to help open up your shell is something so easy for most people to do. #1.) You, your self has to try and tell people how you really feel and explain your feelings. & #2.) You need faith. Do your best to think that the people you know are telling you what they truly think and feel. Now I’m not telling you to be silly and trust strangers, or a child who is muddy but is swearing they didnt leave muddy foot prints on the carpet. I’m telling you to show your real self to people so maybe they’ll learn to share a little of their selves to.

Blessed Be, Hazel HW.


Doctors……. November 13, 2009

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If you work in a doctor’s office either as a nurse, doctor or any other title you’ll always need to think before you act. As a matter of fact I’m on my way to the hospital right now. That’s why everything is so miss spelled, I don’t have the time nor vigor to try and spell right. Anyways…..when you work with or around sick people most doctors ect. try and act happy, bubbly and talkative. When I’m sick and people are like that I always think “why are they so happy!? They need to shut it! How can they be so happy when they see I’m in pain?” Now that differs with people. Because when I’m hurt I always get angry. So I don’t know. But when you get a patient with a blank scowl on their face and the more you buzz around them they get more agitated just quiet down, give them a sad smile and help them as much as possible. Because I always end up thinking “I want to slap their little bobble head” or something like that. Well I have to go the MRI is waiting, wish me luck!

Blessed Be, Hazel H.W.


Vet. Day!….. November 11, 2009

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Wether you belive in the past and present wars doesn’t really matter for this holiday. I myself dislike war and am a peace person, but keep in mind that isn’t what Vets. Day is about. It’s about saying thank you to the women and men who have served. It’s about recognizing that they gave up their lives, family, homes, jobs, and happiness to go into service. It’s about realizing that they had the courage to leave everything they loved and left to go to a different country where the people more than likely hate them and will try and hurt them. It’s also about thinking of the people the vets. left behind. Their mothers,fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters; who had to wait at home scared for their loved one and maybe even face their loss. It’s not about pro-war or anti-war, it’s about showing you care.

Blessed Be, Hazel H.W.


Who are you…. November 6, 2009

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Be yourself, be open, be active, be nice, be healthy, be happy, be loved. Be your best and reach higher. Never conform. You could be erratic, funny, weird, crazy, loud, quiet, geeky, popular, and all of those plus more put together, but you always have to be conscious on what you are being. You don’t want to be men, bad, hateful, illegal, depressed, lonely, selfish, vindictive. Always think before you speak. If you talk without even thinking of what you’re saying then you could get into some trouble. Don’t let yourself get lost in an act. It’s never worth it and thats a fact. Remember your past seeing your faults and your highs, but dont dwell on your mistakes, learn from them and better yourself. Nothing can hold you back except you. Nothing.

Blessed Be, Hazel HW.