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Trust…. November 15, 2009

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Is it hard for you to trust someone? Or for you to put your truest and deepest feelings out there for people to see? Because thats how I am. And this blog is me letting them out. Trusting people is hard because you can never really know whats going on in someones head. They could be saying something and thinking something els, right? Well, all you need to help open up your shell is something so easy for most people to do. #1.) You, your self has to try and tell people how you really feel and explain your feelings. & #2.) You need faith. Do your best to think that the people you know are telling you what they truly think and feel. Now I’m not telling you to be silly and trust strangers, or a child who is muddy but is swearing they didnt leave muddy foot prints on the carpet. I’m telling you to show your real self to people so maybe they’ll learn to share a little of their selves to.

Blessed Be, Hazel HW.


One Response to “Trust….”

  1. DragonSword21 Says:

    Trust was once something that had to be earned. Now, with a mask of certainty and peace, anything can be revealed without shame.

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